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Hi, I’m Ashish Bhatia

I teach entrepreneurship & social impact courses at NYU Stern.
I'm passionate about exploring ways business education can help students develop new ways of thinking, acting, & creating a better world 

Are you ready to become a founder?

The Founder Challenge is a resource & community for student entrepreneurs

Founder Challenge Student Resources
Microsoft Entrepreneurship Design Sprint

Bias Toward Action

"The BTE program is designed to spark a new type of thinking and a bias toward action, and it starts in the first semester"

BTE Program featured in Poets & Quants


How do we teach a discipline that may not conform to our typical ideas of rationality?

Innovation Creativity Rationality

Sharing insights
on entrepreneurial action during the pandemic

MSNBC Ali Velshi Pandemic Entrepreneurship
Poets and Quants Top 50 Professor Bhatia Entrepreneurship

Poets & Quants
Top 50 Professors

"He had a tremendous impact on myself, helping me to overcome my fear of uncertainty that naturally accompanies becoming an entrepreneur."

Prof. Bhatia named Top 50 Business School Professor Poets & Quants

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