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Can Entrepreneurship be Taught in the Classroom?

The answer is clearly Yes. But what's interesting is to witness the different philosophical camps that schools are embracing as they teach entrepreneurship

Our 20th-Century Thinking Is Outdated

Insight piece written in collaboration with colleagues at NYU Stern. We make the case for Imagination, Inclusion, and Qualitative Judgment to address the challenges of today and the future


Facebook's Wearable Glasses can Succeed where Google Glass Flopped

What does Knightian Uncertainty have to do with Facebook and Google and wearable technology?

Study of University Entrepreneurship Programs Explores Value of Varying Approaches

(with Natalia Levina)

Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 8.30.53 AM.png

Diverse Rationalities of Entrepreneurship Education

In a business school, how do we teach a discipline that may not conform to our traditional ideas of rationality? In this study we examine the different entrepreneurship philosophies taken at 3 leading MBA programs:

  • University of Pennsylvania, Wharton

  • University of Virginia, Darden

  • University of Toronto, Rotman

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