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Patterns of Entrepreneurship

Fall & Spring

In this course you will develop an entrepreneurial mindset that will help you solve the increasingly complex and uncertain problems of the 21st century. Whether you are interested in founding a company, working in the fast-paced startup world, or taking action in existing organizations- this course will teach you evidenced based approaches to improve your chances of success. The class provides a broad introduction and overview of entrepreneurship based on a range of teaching methods including: academic research, cases, reflections, podcasts, an experiential project, and guest speakers. Through action and reflection, you will also have a stronger sense of how and when entrepreneurship can fit in your career journey. 


Spring 2021

NYC Entrepreneurship Lab

Spring 2020

Spring 2021

The NYC Entrepreneurship Lab is your chance to learn entrepreneurship by working directly with the founders of early stage startups. In the classroom you will learn the leading approaches to navigating uncertainty—grounded in entrepreneurship theory. Outside of the classroom you will apply these practices by working directly with your classmates on supporting your startup on a strategically important project. 


Spring 2021

Venture Partners

2021 - Aavrani, BuyerSight, DrugViu, NeuTigers, Presently,

2020 - Aavrani, DollarRide, ClearOps, Scanifly, Insurance

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship & BTE Immersion

Fall 2021

As Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship students begin their journey at NYU Stern, this course will immerse students into the world of entrepreneurship and technology through three interrelated modules.

The first module (Entrepreneurial Mindset) will help students distinguish the myths and realities of entrepreneurship, introduce them to evidenced based approaches to navigating uncertain and ambiguous problems, and practice approaches to starting new opportunities. The second module (Design Thinking) is woven throughout the semester and will help students gain a user centered perspective to entrepreneurship, will place emphasis on problem finding, and develop their capacity for iterative learning through cycles of building and receiving feedback.

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